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The Potentially Risky After-Effects Of Dental Extractions

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Often, people dread the prospect of dental extraction. However, sometimes, it is the only solution to a threat to your dental health. A dental extraction is not always a tricky procedure, but it can come with complications following the extraction. 

If you are about to experience dental extraction in Rochester, it will help to be aware of the after-effects. This knowledge will help you mentally prepare yourself to face any potential outcome. Read further to find out more about the risky after-effects of dental extractions.

Excessive pain, bleeding or swelling

The most common after-effect of tooth extraction involves excessive pain, bleeding, or swelling. You are bound to experience these effects to a certain degree, but if they occur in excess- it is a cause for concern. The persistence of these symptoms could indicate infection. 

Dry socket

Dry socket or Alveolar Osteitis is another common complication following a tooth extraction. Dry socket occurs if the blood clot dislodges prematurely, exposing the nerves and jawbone to air and food particles. This condition may develop two to three days post-surgery if you do not engage in proper aftercare. 


dental extraction in Rochester

The site of extraction may contract infections due to several reasons. Pain, swelling, fever, and fatigue are the typical symptoms of a dental infection. There may also be a fluid, white-yellow discharge from the location. 

Nerve injury

Nerve injuries are highly unlikely. However, they may still occur as a result of dental extraction. If a dental nerve experiences damages during the procedure, nerve injuries may occur. It can trigger numbness or tingly sensations in the jaw and mouth. These effects are temporary, so you do not need to panic as your doctor will help manage them. 


It is possible to develop unsavory symptoms after a dental extraction procedure. However, you can reduce the risk of this possibility by correctly following the aftercare instructions. If you experience any of the effects above, contact your doctor immediately. 

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