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What Height Should My Countertops Be?

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Remodeling the kitchen gives the outdated look a nice refresher. In turn, you can improve the style, value, and appeal of the entire home with many different projects and improvements. The sky is truly the limit during a kitchen remodel. Set the budget and let the remodeling fun begin!

But that does not change the fact that remodeling can be a real pain in the backside, especially for the unskilled person. Many questions and concerns can arise during the remodel that leave you wondering the correct answers. One of the biggest and most important questions a remodeler faces concerns the height of their kitchen cabinets.

The answer depends on the place that you call home.

carpentry services in elgin, il

Most modern, 20th century homes have specific countertop heights but older homes usually go with the flow and the style the designer and owner liked at the time. Since many cabinets are built in factories having a standard size for all cabinets they produce saves a lot of manufacturing time.

Cabinets average a 36″ height, making most cooking and cleanup tasks simple for people of various heights. This also provides space for the bottom cabinets so storing all your items below is easy. Leave an 18″ space between the top and bottom cabinets.

Specialty cabinets may not meet the 36″ standard cabinet height. You should talk to the designer to learn more about the best heights for any specialty cabinets installed in the kitchen. When you are not installing cabinets using standard measurements you must still ensure the height works for your kitchen and household members.

Eliminate concerns over countertop heights and other potential remodeling problems with help from a carpenter. Professional carpentry services in elgin, il install countertops perfectly, making remodeling projects simple and easy.

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